Carbonarch Architectural Design can prepare planning drawings for all of your projects including extensions & loft conversions. Whatever the project may be, if it needs planning approval we will be able to help. We will fill and send your application and follow it up throughout the process. We will strive to achieve planning permission.

Building Regulations

If your project has been approved or is permitted development we can help with the building regulations process. This process is usually the second stage after you have planning approval. Drawings will be prepared and submitted for Building Regulation approval. Once the application has been submitted you can start work 48 hours later. We will be sure to let them know that construction has begun.
We have dealt with various councils around the midlands including Birmingham, Sandwell, Walsall, Nottingham & Worcester council.



We provide structural services which would be required at building regulation stage. All designs and calculations would be carried out and submitted to the relevant building regulation department along with the application to ensure the building control officers have all the relevant information when inspecting the construction work. We can also provide structural design for submitted applications as a follow up. Calculations are usually required by building control for structural elements such as beams, columns, foundations and roof supports.


Measured survey

You may need to have your existing property measured for a number of reasons, for example, a Lease Plan or for estate agents.